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Custom Exhibit Display Design

Custom Exhibits

Imagine a massive tradeshow hall filled with booths that all look the same. The same designs, the same colors, the same content – sounds boring, right? Not only is it boring to see the same booths over and over again, but how can you expect to stand out from the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other attendees? The only way to ensure that your marketing dollars will be well spent when it comes to tradeshows it to opt for custom exhibit booths.

The Custom Difference

Your business is unique. A business has to be unique or it wouldn’t survive. When you built your business and thought of your business plan, what ideas or concepts stood out in your head? Did you translate those same thoughts to your website, marketing materials, business cards, or other items that relate to your company? Spread the same message to your tradeshow booth by showing the world that your company is unique, can stand out, and does have something interesting to offer. How? By creating custom exhibit booths.

The benefits of a custom booth are as follows:

-Carrying the colors and designs (logos and other items) through all of your company products.
-Showing tradeshow attendees why and how your company is unique before they meet you.
-Installing custom lights, televisions, computers, and other electronics.
-Bringing the feel and flavor of your business to anyone that attends a tradeshow.
-A unique product that results in money well spent (and a return on investment).

If you have a limited marketing budget, don’t let that stop you from making the custom design choice. Working with a professional tradeshow booth design team means that you have a variety of used booth options to work with too.

Used Booth Choice

Used tradeshow booths can still be customized. You just have to work with a team that knows how to accomplish this task. While it’s harder to change the structure or color of a used design, there are still many things that we can do to make this type of booth stand out. Plus, you’ll save some money when you purchase a used booth over a new one. That said, though, the best way to customize a tradeshow exhibit is to opt for a brand new display.

If you have any ideas for your booth, let us know. We can make sure that the colors of your business are carried through to the booths that we create for your business. We can also make sure that anything you have in mind when it comes to tech or electronics is incorporated. Take a look at all of the designs that we offer, and let us know if you see something that you like. Since your business is unique, it makes a lot of sense to design a unique booth display too.

Some Display Ideas

The best tradeshow designs are those that are entirely original. Some companies have chosen to add interesting elements to their booths. Here are some ideas that really stand out.

  1. Changing lights: lights that change colors are always interesting.
  2. Interactive displays: attendees love to play with computers and other technology.
  3. Demonstrations: setting up an island with a unique demonstration is a great idea.
  4. Floor logos: you can add your logo directly to the floor of your booth.
  5. Floors that stand out: why not make the floor of your booth colorful or interactive?
  6. Logos that pop: add your logo in a unique place to really help it stand out.
  7. Chandelier lighting: yes! You can add hanging lights to the top of your booth!

The sky is really the limit when it comes to your original booth display and design. We like to tell our customers to dream big, and we’ll come up with a design and cost that works. Tradeshow design is really an art form that includes professional designers, the message that you want to create and send, and any imaginative ideas that you have. Don’t’ be shy, and let us know what you have in mind – we’ll make sure that it happens.

With all of the people that attend some of the biggest tradeshows every year, it’s important that your booth really stands out. Otherwise, your booth will blend in with the rest, and who wants that to happen? Don’t get stuck in the same rut as every other company at the tradeshow you are about to attend. When it comes to real world marketing, standing out is a very good thing.

Work with a company that understands your ideas for custom exhibit booths, your company, and the message that you are trying to project. Work with Blazer. Give us a call today for additional information, pricing, and consultation. We’ll make sure that you stand out!

Custom Displays and Exhibition Design

Blazer Exhibits & Events has thrived in the Silicon Valley through 30 years for two reasons: our dependability for exhibition design is unparalleled and we have a track record of building innovative, quality, custom exhibit displays.  By providing impeccable project management, custom display and custom exhibit designs with impact, we deliver for our clients on every single project. Blazer can also be your partner for projects world-wide.

We have the experience, the exhibition design team, and enough imagination to build any custom display you can dream of. Our team will work with you to bring your marketing objectives to life, whether you are introducing a new product, creating brand awareness, or gathering new leads.

At Blazer we build works of art, but before we put pencil to paper, our exhibition design team takes the time to learn the vision you have for your custom exhibit and brand. We evaluate the strategy and scrutinize the message. After we have a complete idea of show objectives, we detail the floor plan for functionality and effectiveness. Blazer’s team will then collaborate to translate your vision into a 3-dimensional custom display using texture, material, lighting, psychology, and space planning.


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